Alarm Check Valve

The alarm check valve is a water flow alarm device designed for vertical installation in the main supply to a wet pipe sprinkler
system. When a flow of water from the system equals or exceeds that of a single sprinkler, the valve is to actuate a fie alarm.
Nominal Size : 80,100, 150 & 200 NB
Maximum Working Pressure : 17.5 Bar (250 Psi)
Mounting : Vertical

Alarm Check Valve
Alarm Check Valve serves as a check valve by trapping pressurized water above the
clapper and preventing reverse flow from sprinkler piping. The valve is designed to
initiate an alarm during a sustained flow of water (such as the flow required by an
open sprinkler) by operating an optional water motor alarm and/or alarm pressure
switch.Alarm Valve is a double seated clapper
check valve with grooved seat design, which
ensures positive water flow for alarm operation
and is designed for installation in wet pipe
sprinkler system. External bypass prevents false
alarm under all supply pressure condition. In the
event of variable pressure condition, false alarms are prevented with the provision of retard
chamber, thus the design allows for installation under both variable and constant supply
pressure condition. Operation of one or more automatic fie sprinklers, the water flows into the
sprinkler system and the alarm valve opens, allowing continuous flow of water into the system and
transmittal of alarm, both electrical and mechanical.

Retarding Chamber
Retarding Chamber is used with Alarm Valve Trim when variable pressure is anticipated in the system.
It is a holding tank to prevent activation of the Sprinkler Alarm during water pressure surge, but
permits the activation of alarm on sustained flow. When the flow through inlet of Restriction Nozzle
exceeds the drain nozzle flow, the Retarding Chamber begins to fil and there by flowing to sprinkler alarm and pressure switch to
activate the alarm. Use of Retarding Chamber prevents the false alarm in variable pressure system.

Alarm Bell
Sprinkler Alarm is a hydraulically driven mechanical bell. It does sound a continuous alarm when
the sprinkler system operates. The impeller and drive shaft are energy effiient, made from light
weight nonmetallic material and do not require any external lubrication. The gong, protection cover
and motor housing are made of corrosion resistant aluminium alloy. When the sprinkler system
is activated by the fusing of one or more automatic sprinklers at fie condition, the water flows
through the Alarm Valve/Deluge Valve and enters the sprinkler alarm through the nozzle, creating a
high velocity jet which strikes the impeller causing the drive shaft and the striker arm assembly to
rotate. The alarm arm assembly rotates and strikes to impact against the aluminium gong, producing a continuous alarm. The waste
water then drains out through a 25NB drain outlet.

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UL Certified

File No: EX28120

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