Automatic Extinguisher detects and extinguishes fire quickly and efficiently and provides concentrated fire protection for vital equipment. Especially in those places where the fire could cause extensive damage if not detected and extinguished in time. For small datacenter, control rooms, server rooms fire protection, modular type fire extinguisher is a cost effective hazard free clean suppression system.

To meet the safety needs of the current auto transportation industry, Auto Gaseous Fire-Extinguishing Tank is a safe effective solution. This product has gone through extensive market researches and numerous scientific experiments.

Currently, the products allow for multiple startup modes (both manual and auto) and cater to different customer demands. Integrating new features such as small size, low weight, simple operation and maintenance of the device, the mini-series products also inherit features of lowtemp series products, which are highly efficient and secure.

   Model Filling Amount (g) Protection Space (m3) Discharge time (s) Shell Material Weight (g)
EN0809-S-AAE-03 30 0.2 5 ABS 285
EN0809-S-AAE-06-C3 60 0.6 10 SS304 570
EN0809-S-AAE-10-C2 100 0.8 10 ABS 850
EN0809-S-AAE-10-CS3 100 0.8 10 SS304 1130
EN0809-S-AAE-16-C3 160 1.6 10 SS304 1070
EN0809-S-AAE-25-C3 250 2.0 20 SS304 1750
EN0809-S-AAE-50-C3 500 3.5 30 SS304 2700
  • Service Life 10years
  • Certificates ISO, CE


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