EMACO Automatic HFC227 Extinguisher

Automatic HFC227 Extinguisher detects and extinguishes fire quickly and efficiently and provides concentrated fire protection for vital equipment. Especially in those places where the fire could cause extensive damage if not detected and extinguished in time. For small datacenter, control rooms, server rooms fire protection, modular type fire extinguisher is a cost effective hazard free clean suppression system.

Below data refers to regular temperature at 20 centigrade and atmospheric pressure at 1 bar.

The max coverage would vary a little from the ambient temperature and pressure on the real condition.

Thermal  Sensor Controlled (Ceiling/Wall Mounted Style)
Model Filling Amount (kg) Maximum Working Pressure (MPa) Storage Pressure (MPa) Maximum Coverage (m3) Starting
EN0806-MW6/1.6 6 2.5 1.6 9.20





: 680°C

EN0806-MW8/1.6 8 11.11
EN0806-MW10/1.6 10 13.89
EN0806-MW16/1.6 16 22.22
EN0806-MW20/1.6 20 27.78
EN0806-MW30/1.6 30 41.67
  • Type: Ceiling/Wall Mounted Style
  • Discharge Time ≤10s
  • Maximum filling Density 1 kg/L
  • Ambient Torking Temperature 0°C~50°C
  • Water supply manifold with 2.5” (65mm) or 4” (100mm) inlet connections
  • 5” (65mm) BSP instantaneous coupling


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