Pressure Relief Valve

This valve is used for the high building fie fihting system. When the pressure
in the water supply pipeline is over the one set for pressure relieving, the
pressure relieving valve is opened to prevent both pipeline and equipment
from getting damaged due to an excessive pressure

*  Type: Pilot operated, Spring loaded, Pressure Relief Valve Bellow Type.
*  End connection: Flanged, Threaded, Grooved is available

Used In the Fire protection system, petroleum refiing, petrochemical and chemical manufacturing, natural gas processing and power generation industries, the term relief valve is associated with the pressure safety issue

* The body uses full-channel streamline design, leaving a small fluid
resistance and a great flow. This valve can be used as a pressure
relieving valve and also a pressure holding valve.
* Size: DN25 – DN800(Globe, Angle)

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