EMACO Automatic Fire Sprinkler System

Sprinkler system is the most widely used fire protection system in the world, and controlled over 96% of the fire protection alone. The fire sprinkler system is a must have solution for the premises like commercial, residential, industrial buildings and to save life, property and minimize business downtime, A fire sprinkler system is a cost-effective active fire protection system consisting of automatic sprinkler heads, valves, alarm initiation devices, a series of connected pipes with fittings, and a water supply system.

NFPA 13, a standard for the installation of the sprinkler system has specified sprinkler system design and installation processes that should be followed for the proper functioning of the system. There are different types of sprinkler systems and selection of sprinklers will depend on applications.

Sprinkler System Variations

Four types of sprinklers, like Wet pipe systems, Dry pipe systems, Pre-action action systems, and Deluge systems are available for different applications activation processes. The basic operation process is the same in every system, automatic sprinkler heads mainly detect the fire, then initiate the alarm and let the water source open to discharge water immediately.

Wet Pipe Sprinkler System

A wet pipe sprinkler system consists of a system of pipes that perpetually contains pressurized water. If the system is activated due to the presence of a fire, the sprinkler heads located at the ends of the pipes will open, releasing the water inside. It is the most used system and simple and reliable, composed of closed automatic sprinkler heads, valves, pipes with fittings, and an alarm check valve components. When sprinkler bulb temperature reaches a specified temperature, it bursts to release water immediately to extinguish the fire. The main advantage of a wet pipe system is zoning facility, it makes the activation more specific and lets the building work without interruption except the fire-rated zone.


Dry Pipe Sprinkler System

 A dry pipe sprinkler system is one in which pipes are filled with pressurized air or nitrogen rather than water because water like in the wet pipe system could freeze and make the system inoperable. The dry-pipe valve prevents water from entering the pipe until a fire causes one or more sprinklers to operate. Once this happens, the air escapes, and the dry pipe valve releases.

Dry systems are the second most commonly used system. They are ideal for unheated buildings, parking garages, and warehouses since these types of properties can experience temperatures below 40˚F (4.44 ˚C). Dry systems are also recommended for protecting areas that store sensitive equipment to minimize damage.


Preaction sprinkler system

A pre-action fire sprinkler system is similar to a dry-pipe sprinkler system. In a pre-action system, the water is held back by a pre-action valve. The valve is opened when flame, heat, or smoke is detected. The second event is that individual sprinkler heads need to open to allow water to discharge. This system is usually applied in sensitive areas to avoid accidental discharge and minimize water damage because it follows two stages of the activation process before activation.

In the first step, detectors are used to detect fire. After detecting, the signal is sent to the control panel for opening the pre-action valve. Operation of the fire detection system allows the pre-action valve to automatically open and admit water into the pipe network. Water will not discharge from the system until the fire has generated a sufficient quantity of heat to cause operation of one or more sprinklers.


Deluge Sprinkler System

A deluge fire sprinkler system is similar to a pre-action system except the sprinkler heads are open and the pipe is not pressurized with air. The Deluge system is known as a quick application of a large amount of water in an emergency Deluge systems are used in places that are considered high hazard areas such as power plants, aircraft hangars and chemical storage or processing facilities.

Open type sprinkler heads (fixed spray nozzles) are employed in the deluge system that can discharge water rapidly whenever needed. When the detectors detect heat or smoke and send a signal to the panel, then the deluge valve electrically or hydraulically triggered and supplied water to the nozzles to discharge.




The automatic fire sprinkler system is designed to control fire or heat at the initial stage, discharged water from the sprinkler heads breaks the fire triangle by taking away heat effectively from the rated area.

The sprinkler system is chemical-free, very specific, the sprinkler closest to the fire only activates to mitigate fire, protects the asset from fire, smoke, and heat damage as well as allows safe evacuation.

EMACO Fire Sprinkler System Application Scope

EMACO automatic sprinkler systems could be used in commercial, industrial and residential buildings like hotels, nursing homes, schools, dormitories, meeting halls, warehouses and offices for example. Besides deluge systems can be used in high hazards areas or places with equipment like Transformers, Turbines, Coal Conveyor belts, Boiler/Switchgear/Generator rooms, Oil and Gas reserve tanks, and combustibles such as Paper, Wood and Textiles.


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