EMACO Kitchen Fire Protection Solution

Effective Kitchen fire suppression systems required to protect a wide variety of kitchen appliances, such as stoves or deep fat fryers. The wet chemical suppression system is used in restaurants, commercial or institutional kitchens hoods for the safety and security of life and property.

The wet chemical system effectively works when the liquid spray hits a burning surface and quickly reacts with fats and oils to produce foam that cools the surface to prevent the re-igniting of a fire.

The system comprises of Cylinder, Control Module, Mechanical Gas Shutoff Valve, Manual Pull Station, Fusible Link and Nozzles.  The nozzles for the fire suppression system are installed in the kitchen hood exhaust. The nozzles will discharge chemicals. The wet chemical very quickly mitigates the fire and removes smoke by covering flames and cutting out oxygen. Both Automatic and Manual activation systems are available in the system.


Wet chemical systems can be used to protect:

  • Restaurant, commercial, and institutional kitchen hoods
  • Plenums, ductwork, and filters of cooking appliances
  • Grease removal devices
  • Odor control device
  • Energy recovery devices installed in the cooking appliance exhaust systems

This system creates very limited collateral damage, no cleanup issue, eliminates the fuel and electrical source of fire instantly. 

EMACO Wet Chemical Application Scope

Wet Chemical system is used in Domestic or Commercial Kitchen’s Hoods, Ducts, Plenums, Cooking appliances. Our goal at EMACO is to design the system well so that you can have the confidence that your system is in compliance and will function properly when you need it.


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