EMACO Warehouse Fire Protection Solutions

Most businesses got storages to keep in warehouses like in telecommunication, pharmaceuticals, electronics, manufacturing, utilities, publications, textile, garments, aerospace, construction industry, and so on.

Warehouse fires associated with much higher averages of property loss. The size of the structures and amount of potential fuel inside can make a fire even more difficult to extinguish.

It’s important for warehouse owners to know that sprinkler systems are not one-size-fits-all.  The type of sprinkler system used should be determined by the fire hazards found in that particular facility.

Factors that determine the type of sprinkler system necessary for a storage facility include:

  • Type and combustibility of goods being stored
  • Packaging, pallet, shelving, and structure type
  • Height of storage
  • Clearance to ceiling

It’s also worth noting that in the event of changes or modifications made to any of the aforementioned factors, the sprinkler system may also need to be modified accordingly.

An effective sprinkler system must have a sufficient water supply in order to be successful at preventing devastating loss. And once the proper sprinkler system is installed, it’s essential that the water supply system it’s connected to be inspected, tested, and maintained on a regular schedule.

The Selection Factors for Fire Protection Solutions

The selection of an advanced fire protection system in warehouses will depend on storage commodities classes. A warehouse could be general commodities storage, flammable chemical storage, electronic equipment storage, plastic component storage, or a combination of different class commodities.

Warehouse Source of Fire could be arson, electrical, smoking material, wood, synthetic materials, fabrics, packing materials, papers, flame, sparks, spontaneous ignition, and self-combustible chemicals. Before selecting the protection system, these sources should be in a checklist.

Sprinkler system covers a specific commodity classification within a particular storage configuration. If the storage has different packaging material or water-sensitive material with mixed pallets variation like wood pallets to plastic pallets, then hazard classification increases, and the sprinkler system is inadequate to control fire.

EMACO Warehouse Fire Protection Solutions

Check out different types of solutions and how we are able to help our clients save money with their warehouse and distribution facilities.

Automatic Fire Sprinkler System

The automatic fire sprinkler system is designed to control fire or heat at the initial stage, discharged water from the sprinkler heads breaks the fire triangle by taking away heat effectively from the rated area.

The sprinkler system is chemical-free, very specific, the sprinkler closest to the fire only activates to mitigate fire, protects the asset from fire, smoke, and heat damage as well as allows safe evacuation.

Sprinkler system has many variations, the warehouse automatic sprinkler system is specified as per building height along with storage rack height.

NFPA 13, a standard for the installation of the sprinkler system has specified sprinkler system design and installation processes that should be followed in coordination with the country base local standard for the proper functioning of the system.

The Standard sprinkler system is an appropriate selection for the storage height up to 12 feet, and the used k factor is maximum 8. This system can effectively extinguish fire within this specified height.

But above this height for building with storage up to 40-45 feet Early Suppression Fast Responses (ESFR) sprinklers are appropriate where k factor starts from 14. These sprinklers are very fast in response with high velocity that can cover extended storage height. In a warehouse, fires can be deep-seated fast where fire needs to be cut down quickly. The intension of using ESFR is not just to control the fire but extinguish it.



In Rack Sprinkler System

If the storage height is above 45feet, then with ESFR sprinkler, additional in-rack sprinklers are essential.

In-rack sprinkler systems help to stop the spread of a fire within a specific rack storage area. This prevents the fire from spreading to other parts of the building. In-rack sprinklers have a network of pipes that surround the racked structure and target a specific area.

 Quell Sprinkler System

The Quell Fire Sprinkler System is designed for cold storage and/or unheated warehouses using a "surround and drown" method to save your building and goods stored. This system encircled the protected area with a large amount of water to extinguish fire. A rack sprinkler system is not required in storage if the quell sprinkler system is installed in the storage area. That creates more flexibility in storing commodities.

Quell Fire System is a double interlock pre-action system design scenario developed for the protection of high piled storage.

Water Spray Fixed System

Fixed water spray systems for fire protection (NFPA 15) is defined as water sprays in a specific form having a specific pattern, particle size, density and velocity, which is discharged from specially designed nozzles or equivalent devices. This is very specific, rapid in response with high water discharge, but causes less damage compared to the conventional sprinkler system.

Fixed spray systems work well in high hazards areas that contain flammable gaseous and liquid materials, electrical hazards, combustible materials, and propellants. If the warehouse has these high flammable chemical commodities, then a fixed spray system is a perfect fire protection system for effective extinguishment. This system is also an adequate protection system for the electronic component storage area.

Clean Agent Fire Suppression System

Clean agent suppression system is an electrically non-conductive waterless clean extinguishing system that is very fast in acting, deployed within 10 seconds with required concentration after detecting fire.

That means the gaseous agent suppresses a fire before it starts to grow and emits heat or high flame. This extinguishment happens without damaging electronics, files, or other crucial sensitive resources.

The clean agent system is a perfect solution for the electronic components storage area. But this system works efficiently in small occupied spaces.

Some warehouses store both water sensitive or no sensitive components; installation of only one fire protection could not be an adequate solution there. The product segregation is mandatory as per product water sensitivity. There sprinkler system for general commodities and clean agent system for electronic commodities that makes the storage area small, and eventually, the gas suppression system will work sufficiently.


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